Software development and consultancy company Tailor approached us as a partner to work on an app for the Les Mills GRIT program. GRIT is a series of high intensity (HIIT) workouts, designed to spike your heartrate and get you fit fast. Since Daniel was already an avid fan of the Les Mills GRIT workouts, we were more than keen to work on this project.

Tailor handled all of the design of the application, through a close consultation and analysis with the Les Mills Team. They collaboratively designed an app for users to track their workouts, and to keep notes of their performance through each workout’s “challenge” track. They could then graph their progress, and compare their progress to other Les Mills users worldwide.

Our team worked on the app itself, bring the design to market with an iOS application. Tailor’s team worked on the server component and the API. After the launch of the app, we worked on a prototype for an Apple Watch application, to help with the heartrate and workout tracking component of the application.